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Rocket at Work & Overnights with Chris Roddler // Weekdays 11-3 PM & 12-5:30 AM

Chris handles two shows at the Rocket, which is no strain on a guy who lives and breathes music 24/7. Listeners know that when it comes to the freshest new music releases, tour dates, latest band breakup, or rehab stints for the lead singer, Chris is on top of everything happening in the wide, weird world of rock. So what’s he into when he’s not on the air? Music, of course. More often than not, he’ll be hunkered down in his home studio, fine tuning a home grown prog epic or blistering rocker to the rapt attention of his ever-growing audience of cats. His addictions? Pretty healthy stuff. Working out, feeding his lifelong fascination with Rush, and spending an hour or three at one of the local music stores or record shops. You think he’d find time for a nap…but Chris says there’s too much music to listen to.

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